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Drs. Britton and Bobbye Wood 

Designated Ambassadors for Better Marriages, the Woods have traveled to many countries speaking and promoting healthy couple relationships. Briton has been a minister, teacher, author, certified marriage and family life educator, and marriage therapist. Bobbye is a retired English teacher, author, and a leader in marriage Education.


In 2016, they celebrated their 60th year of marriage as they did 60 Sensational Things throughout the year. They are active in their church and community and a grant to develop Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEG) for couples. They are recipients for the Mace medal for "their outstanding work in broadcasting the awareness and value of marriage enrichment around the world." They have led marriage education and family strengths sessions in Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia, England and Taiwan. They are currently involved as leaders in the Empowering Family Project with The Parenting Center of Fort Worth, Texas. The have been leaders in marriage enrichment since 1978.





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